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tv   Headline News  RT  July 1, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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he wants to study there is one condition he has to store his work that is undermining our american colleagues. president putin says edward snowden can stay in russia this image speculation that the whistleblower has asked moscow correspondent well. meanwhile the e.u. leaders demand an explanation from their american ally on the latest revelations by edward snowden as the u.s. remains tight lipped on the issue. and live pictures you're seeing there from egypt the country's military says that it could take matters into its own hands this if the government fails to address the people's demands within forty eight hours all this comes in the wake of massive countrywide demonstrations that have been calling for president mohamed morsi to step down.
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and fears of an all out conflict in that country are also intensified by the muslim brotherhoods of val's of action that's after their headquarters were ransacked and torched by protesters. great to have you with us this evening i'm lucy catherine of and you're watching r.t. . well the federal immigration service denies reports that the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden has requested asylum in russia this is after president vladimir putin said the fugitive whistleblower could stay in the country but on one condition well for more details on that we've got on the line with the latest. clear out the silence speculation for us what's actually going on here. well
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according to russian officials late on sunday a representative of the russian consulate in should immutable airport met with the representative of who is accompanying edward snowden who passed over to the car. from mr snowden which allegedly contained a letter from him political asylum this was basically what this woman told verb really told the representative of the consulate so now this alleged request for political asylum the information about that has been rejected by the federal migration service and it comes as russia's president vladimir putin said that mr snowden is a free man who could live or stay wherever he wanted including russia but only if he stopped working against washington with you but. we know we can surely edward snowden i must like you is not
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a russian agent and he is not working for us and we're not working with him he's a freelance let me guess if you want to fly some way he can you be sure if you want to stay here she's only one condition he has to stop his work that is undermining our american colleagues strange as that may sound coming from lee. the president has also added that moscow is not planning to extradite edward snowden to the u.s. and he also said that he didn't know whether or not snowden could leave along with one of the delegations clearly taking part in the gas suppliers summit taking place in moscow since earlier the president of venezuela who is currently also in the russian capital he said that there is a great chance that snowden could receive political asylum in his country if he asked for it snowden hasn't done that yet but he did ask ecuador for political asylum they're still working on that decision and it seems that they're still very
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far from making any decision since apparently ecuador is already under a lot of pressure from the u. west since it's already granted political asylum to julian assange and also wanted in washington and this whole story around mr snowden is creating additional tension in their relations according to wiki leaks the national security agency which has been pretty much in the spotlight of most of snowden's revelations according to wiki leaks they may have even started intercepting ecuador's government. government communications government messages so the chances of snowden receiving political asylum in ecuador are much lower then in venezuela once again if he asks for it now in order to himself arrive to the transit zone of airport in moscow around we could go from hong kong with. passport to an american passport which is not officially not working anymore while the u.s.
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is still asking for his extradition. well of course the man's fate continues to be in limbo. thanks for that update. meanwhile germany has summoned the u.s. ambassador for explanations on the leaks that have been published in german press the revelations suggesting the n.s.a. spied on the e.u.'s eternal computer networks has sparked a wave of outrage in berlin newsroom chief of our video agency ruptly lizzy failand reports there has so far been no comment from the u.s. in response to this latest round of revelations that have been published over the weekend by the spiegel which revealed that. half a billion communications including phone calls text messages and e-mails monitored and that the n.s.a. program each month and that's in germany alone now the german justice minister has been absolutely livid she has described the tactics of the n.s.a.
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is similar to the tactics used in the cold war the german chancellor angela merkel has said that she feels alienated which you know is obviously very curious as to why germany has been targeted by the n.s.a. program the n.s.a. have stated that there's very few countries which have been excluded from the program including the united kingdom new zealand australia and kind of so questions are being off the why germany has been specified as a target and some official in germany commented that of course the us is known for costing a wide net you know target whoever they want under the war on terror so are german citizens now also being treated as terrorists under this and i say program so of course it's not just germany that is reeling from these latest revelations there's been an outrage across europe so it's not just the u.s. and german relations but indeed the entire trends that line think relationship between europe and the united states that is under threat. well meanwhile the e.u.
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leaders demands for an explanation from washington has gone unanswered so far as r.t. is marina portnoy reports from new york the obama administration is reportedly still evaluating the spying allegations but so far u.s. officials are not offering any apologies u.s. secretary of state john kerry briefly address the situation saying that it's not unusual for lots of nations to spy on one another insisting that every country in gauged in international affairs undertakes lots of activities to protect national security but kerry refused to comment any further until he said he had all the facts and finds out precisely what the situation is what's clear is that washington will not be able to sweep this problem under the rug or downplay these latest revelations now last month many may remember when americans discover that the u.s. government was collecting the daily phone records of some one hundred million americans u.s.
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president barack obama defended the massive made it made a data grab by saying no one is listening to conversations it's highly doubtful that type of response is going to appease european leaders many of whom have already demanded immediate explanations for it in light of the spying allegations the president of the european commission has a menu so has ordered a comprehensive security sweep of commission offices spokes person described at the spying allegations as quote disturbing news obviously the united states has a huge diplomatic problem on its hands america's trust and credibility has arguably been globally compromised and the fallout of this is only beginning look nobody would be happy to discover their friend their spouse is bugging their phones or reading their e-mails and text messages so imagine the betrayal and anger america's european allies are feeling and must have felt after reading reports that the land of the free has been spying on them. earlier i discussed the dilemmas of edward
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snowden's revelations which how they had to present to the west and to others with . paul scott and these in the alley i don't think that anything has changed because of this tapping in europe scandal i mean the u.s. is still going to go after snowden they want snowden and they would have gone after him in the beginning if they didn't think there was a real reason to go after him presumably leaking more secrets so what has changed with these secrets marina mentioned that the u.s. is not going to be able to sweep this under the rug but i sort of disagree with that what other scandals has the u.s. not been able to sweep under the rug i actually disagree i think there has been a shift in maybe the top ticks of the u.s. that clearly still going after edward snowden they clearly still want to get their hands on him i don't think anyone is disputing rob but i just think that the tactics that they're using the towed of the language that they're using seems to seems to be changing if you look back last weekend when he left hong kong the u.s.
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could barely hide or they discussed for food for the chinese authorities for allowing him to leave hong kong they are making demands to russia that russia extradite him even though there's no extradition treaty they were threatening ecuador with these this preferential trade. move cooperation from the united states they seem to be prepared to work with other nations to get their hands on and they clearly still want to get their hands on them but i think the time to change they have much of a choice what else are they going to do they can't threaten russia who else is going to help the only thing that perhaps are right that the tapping scandal could is that europe is their ally their best friend and now this is happening that could perhaps change the game same time i mean look it's an open secret the country spying one of the revelation here is that the united states got caught doing it it's not necessarily that it's an unusual supposition that a country would spy on a different country i think what's what's different with the stuff that the revelations that we're seeing most reasons recently i think everybody knew fair enough you know we're living in the twenty first century it's very likely that you
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know with google and the microsoft's of the marquis brand there are those companies where we all more or less expected something like that at some stage you know these companies can't be that big coexist with a government that's so concerned with security or you. feel the way the government on what i think the the european issue right now is for me is a really interesting one there's a big trade deal going on being being readied the french don't particularly be part of the president was very quick to condemn the allegations at least enough to prove . that everyone has been spied upon by the u.s. and at the same time. if you look at some of the other partners the european partners for example president barroso while you might have a little bit through the sweep of european offices. all over his face. he hasn't said a word raise the issue with john kerry on the sidelines of a security conference in southeast asia today other than that we've heard almost
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nothing from brussels. maybe they knew about it but other than these very make statements which were kind of used to getting from from the. p.r. machine anyway so i think i think there's a there's a genuine sense of betrayal i think that's going to filter into the relationship and i. i think people like bro so those guys who are key players in the transatlantic relationship i think they're going to be under real pressure from the lawmakers who are operating beneath them of european system to try and sort their act out and try and stand up to the states a little bit more i do want to broaden the conversation actually and bring in another guest that we have for you a member of parliament rebecca harms who is the co-president of the green flash if a group and she is on the line from stroudsburg now most countries presumably spy on one another i mean this is something that we've been talking about in this discussion why do you think this revelation specifically is causing such a controversy given that again most nations probably do spying on another.
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because this is a huge spying attack from the united states help especially by the united kingdom against against their friends in the european union and obviously this buying in tech. there was there was not any limit so for example facing the information that institutions of the european union have been also a target. of the embassy of the european parliament for example so this is something which we've completely unacceptable there have been some economic threats but realistically is europe in a position to actually make good on those we have certain instruments least i as a green member of the european parliament so those instruments we have to agreements. in between us and europe. we
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could stop those agreements and i'm convinced that we should not open the negotiations on. trade agreement because this is also very very sensitive when it comes to putting you right will certainly it seems like there are options the question is what actual policy the lawmakers will decide to take thank you so much for that member of parliament they can say what yes thank you so much weighing in there now before we finish up our conversation guys i want to bring up another point here i mean the broader issue from my perspective that all this raises is transparency regardless of which country is doing this it seems that in this day and age there needs to be more transparency in terms of what different governments are doing in these whether they're economic or counterterrorism or what not spying revelations so what what i guess take away message do you all feel there is from from what's come out from that's the key takeaway messages from just on the european do. for me one is brussels is absolutely. prepared to
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deal with an organization like the united states and in any serious way the european union doesn't have a spying agency you know they probably never thought they might need one bless them so first takeaway there is i think you've been absolutely humiliated and it's illusion to be a major negotiation block on the world stage secondly you're never going to know if i how can we ensure that the u.s. rolls back person we do believe john kerry would you believe barack obama the point the point is you never know about anything surely we as citizens are it seems are so disempowered in this day and age and as high technology day and age where governments have so much more control and power in fact to listen in on us and i think the biggest lesson here is for brussels because the u.s. certainly spies and all countries spy like you've been bringing up. on russia. but not probably with tapping my russian you sort of saying here's in the kremlin in
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the you know the government buildings in beijing you're probably not going to find wiretaps that's what you found them and maybe you will but you found them in their friend and in terms of transparency to europe is probably one of the most transparent places in the world so the question is where do you find that balance if the people that are so transparent get so taken advantage of the argument here what we're learning is american out for many people say has never had the moral high ground but i think maybe in america that leaders would would feel that they have i think they're beginning to lose that i think they're beginning to realize that they're losing about themselves just ahead we'll look at the unrest in egypt with millions demanding the resignation of president mohamed morsi stay with us you're watching our. the interview.
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a little. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations around the day.
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egypt's military has given the politicians forty eight hours to meet the people's demands saying that the army will provide its own road map if that doesn't happen now talk we are square those are live pictures you're seeing there people have flooded that area a sea of anti-government protesters who now are coming out to the streets for a second day in a row now these crowds as you can see after the headquarters of the country's ruling muslim brotherhood party was left in tatters by an angry mob. true has been following the developments for us she will be coming up later on in the program but for now i want to move on to a different story. mark allman to historian and middle east expert says that egypt could find itself in a power vacuum. it seems very much that the army is essentially trying to determine
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the future and that could well be a return to the past because what is very striking you see there isn't an obvious alternative to morsi there isn't a clear figurehead for the opposition so even if morsi was to resign it was nobody automatic to take his place not least because the constitutional court would invalidated the elections to the polymer so that we have a very very difficult situation as only one post with any kind of democratic legitimacy that's the president and his own legitimacy is now under attack from huge crowds in the streets and from the army and the police who refuse to defend himself and his party but whoever comes to power or if most he stays in power it's difficult to see that the basic problems of great poverty. because sources coming into the country terrible problems about paying for the import of vital riches resources including food those can easily be resolved whoever is in power. right
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we've got all artes bell true who's been following the developments for us in cairo bella thanks for joining us here on is the military back at the helm considering these these statements that have been made by the army on state television. we're seeing extraordinary scenes existing entries hundreds of thousands come back to the streets for a second day of protests against president mohamed morsi as you can probably see behind me there's a huge gathering here the president to kind of sounding chauncey's and have which means least they say enough's enough the president must say this comes just after a statement by the ministry to say that and that people position and the president come together and come up with a solution that will feel the demands of the people including i was they will because it created a great match for the future of egypt many people here are interpreting this as a military intervention that and this is what the nation one of the people the police and the minute you are getting both to put up with the escalating violence
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in a number of people die in flashes leading up to this big demonstrations on the other side people saying that the military when they were in power by the one year also was the barak step down but in the polling human rights records and we saw on the democratic change i said we're still seeing a divided egypt so the islamists for their part those who support the president saying the president should remain in power i see the democratically elected very very tense scene see a massive massive demonstration against the president and we're yet to see what's going to happen next massive indeed i mean we can see those live pictures right behind you now can you give us a bit of a background on how this unrest that we've seen in egypt developed. speaking to protest is ending in the protests it's a day they told me they've seen no change in the last year since the president said how much they talked about a failing economy absolutely no job opportunities good morning to you and water shortages of rights crisis. what is human rights abuses and the problems of the
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state i'm intending to which are in the police force to really to saying nothing is working in egypt they see no change the promises the president morsi made when he came to power he hasn't the food and therefore he's incapable of running the country he also complained about the islamist organizations that have told him it should but it's saying they have taken the monotony of power and this is not democratic it is a mix with their part to the a.c.c. as you can see it in just a few kilometers away from where i'm standing now they say that the president was going to try to get back to it and they will stand by him i mean he should stick to that finish his four years in power and that it's undemocratic to expect him to step down however with this latest statement from the ministry that basically putting and morsi to do the work in all things i did he refuse demands to people which is that he was signed into the ministry intervene i think we're going to be seeing possibly presidential elections very very soon. right artie's bill true keeping us up to date live from cairo thank you for that. well moving on the united
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kingdom is calling on the european union to embrace genetically modified food and to ease tighter regulations britain's environment secretary claims that g.m. farming is actually safer than many of the alternatives and beneficial for consumers as well but some health organizations and activists have voiced strong objections that g.m. products and gulf a wide range of foods from corn to rice to chocolate to meats and milk monsanto and american multinational corporation owns around ninety percent of all modified seeds which has caused global controversy over its domination of its market now it is also accused of crushing small businesses and farming enterprises even driving some farmers to suicide according to some reports and this is as anti g.m. activists have warned that the modified food could be deadly allergies they say liver and immune system problems are just some of the reported side effects while to discuss more on this issue we are joined live by mark spencer
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a member of part. a mint from the u.k.'s conservative party sir thanks for taking the time just pick with us now why the how are you the environment minister is pushing to to i guess relax these regulations you're for this too but at the same time more than sixty countries around the globe have some form of restrictions or outright inbounds on g.m. food so how do you reconcile the two but i think also you need to look up how many countries around the world are growing these products how many meals have been consumed containing g.m. products that actually no one's been made ill by any of these g.m. products will be consuming if you compare that to peanuts for example the number of people that suffer a reaction to peanuts it would make more sense to buy from the world rather g.m. products well at the same time for example the american academy of environmental medicine has urged doctors to prescribe non g.m.o. diets for all that's patients citing animal studies in fact that show organ damage gastrointestinal and immune system disorders and they say that this is more than
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a casual association with g.m. foods and adverse health effects in fact that there is the strength of association and consistency between g.m. foods and disease is confirmed in several animal studies this is according to the american academy of environmental medicine how do you respond. i mean i really don't think there's any evidence for that whatsoever frankly and these plants are being grown all over america south america and certainly in parts of asia and the european union is going to get left behind if we're not careful those technologies are going to put our farmers in a very difficult place and we need to find a way of making sure that europe remained well fed with high quality food and i think g.m. off of some of the answers to that it also means we can reduce some of the pesticides which we're were using because we can develop plants which are resistant to disease and pass so there are a lot of advantages to it we need to do more research at the moment the european union is doing very little research well i think more research is probably the key factor here but at the same time if you insist that g.m.
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foods are safe why has your own parliament banned it in restaurants. well i think there's a stigma attached to it i think in the early days of g.m. technology people were very cynical about whether it would work and the impact it would have on the environment i think the fact that it that so many trillions of dollars are being grown all over the world proves that there isn't a danger and i think the european union needs to step up its game and catch up with some of these products and use its research facilities to to increase and improve the technology so that we can we can make sure that the whole world is fed as well as europe. well look the other the other issue here is ok let the people decide for themselves whether they want to eat g.m. foods or not and you're talking about planting more of this the u.k. potentially for example in the united states federal courts have recognized that g.m. crops are likely to contaminate non g.m. crops so i mean that's essentially on the nose on the u.s. persons well on others that's not a very fair tactic and i agree i agree with that i do agree that people should be
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allowed to choose the moment they're noble to choose and i don't think you can buy soria in the world market without buying a contaminated sample if you like of soya now most of you can livestock is produced with a soya by use protein diet so i can guarantee if you've eaten chicken in the united kingdom you will consume chicken that will have been fed on a g.m. so we have based diet and certainly most of the supermarkets now in the u.k. i have to acknowledge that like source chicken meat from from any producer that can give the most cost our government it hasn't been fed with g.m. by sawyer well it seems that the one thing both opponents and supporters can agree upon is more research is in fact needed before more decisions are made on this thank you so much for your time that was mark spencer conservative member of parliament living on the pardon me up next in fact french right wing politician marine le pen talks about her battle against the media that's and sophie co our new
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show right after the break. south carolina is playing around with the idea of using shame plates which are license plates that can display special messages the department of motor vehicles would have complete access to all these plates and be able to display text on them like suspended uninsured amber alert or stolen you know i actually don't mind the idea of using shame as a punishment i guess it could be a real deterrent to have drunken loser written over the license plate of someone who drinks and drives in fact drugged driving plates have been in place in some states for a while but the problem is that more often than not shame penalties aren't the punishment for a crime but just a bonus one in my native ohio you can go to jail for three to thirty days and have your license suspended for one to three years for driving which is a brutal punishment in a country where everyone drives to work you see people are already punished for
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drunk driving and in america when you pay your debt to society i.e. you get out of jail you're supposed to have a clean slate but the bonus license plate suspension and possible punishment plates make this a triple sentence ignoring the fact that the government will be able to practically display words on your person like a brand on cattle is bad enough but multiple punishments for the same crime seems like a bit of a she thing to me but that's just my opinion. hello welcome to sophie and i'm sophie shevardnadze and today we're looking at friends
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senate leading thinkers after we are said tomorrow. of the politics maginot then came south in a presidential race last year this woman is definitely gaining a stronger footing with her people and her ideas are quite controversial. one simple logical outsider now breathing down the neck of the establishment challenging patriarchy and politics popularity rising as austerity and joblessness battle europe. multiculturalism graveyard where social unrest is rife could she lead the way she has the strength to save the sinking ship to return from simple pleasures. from conflicts in colonialism culture shock to brussels bankruptcy we talked to the leading in french politics. i'm going to be down with it and then we'll hear
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a pin parliament committee almost unanimously voted to lift your immediate chief because of alleged racist statements you made three years ago why now and why is department so united in this question. that this ignorant home from go on you did us a truth is that censorship reigns in france and we are hunted down in all circumstances because we express an opinion that is different from the one way track of thinkings developed by the european union and also by the socialist party and the right wing parties in france i've been hunted down first saying i think it's not normal that prayers be allowed to take place right in the middle of the street blocking traffic it was a territorial occupation that is unacceptable it's the law and yet i'm being hunted down for having said this it's not a big deal it's a source of pride for me to be hunted down by the system was about to go off in me that i will more than. you feel less secure because of that nor some reason but mostly no i don't feel any less safe but still it shows that although france bends
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a lot of time preaching. freedom to the entire world should probably deal with its own issues first but. we said to sit mean that your attempt to fight the e.u. system from was then as you said you were doing has failed. no i don't think so i think next year's european elections are going to be a huge up people because patriotic parties like my own are growing in popularity in all countries across europe all peoples are starting to reject the european union which is a deeply undemocratic system that is failed and i think the majority in the european parliament can change next year and it's true that it will be a change in direction which i think will be a good thing if you look so your own popularity continues to grow i mean i grew up in paris and i remember when i was a child the national front was really a marginal party that didn't have much support and now it really has become they think france's third biggest party why do you think you've become so popular now.
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the third maybe even the second maybe even when the european elections come around the number one party that i think we're really moving towards taking power that's what i want you know i'm not here is a bystander i'm here to come into power and apply the ideas that are mine and that i can see are already being applied in other countries around the world i think it's just a matter of it all coming together since a lot of french people are starting to realize that everything's a national front predicted came true on the subject of the risks with immigration on the economic model but it's been imported from and imposed by the united states meaning the ultra liberal model which destroys economies and denies the people the riches that they have and selves have created and denies nations their sovereignty their you are and so consequently with each passing day realizing the national front predictions were correct more and more french people are taking an interest
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in the saloon. and hearing to the solutions we offer. well having said that your opponents say oh my look then use popular now because of the european union's problems not because she's actually contributing anything positive to any positive change in france. yes of course but that's not true when they know that because of partial legislative election we've just passed one of the national front came second so we're not just a protest party against the establishment anymore some where a real party of people who vote for the national front so that we apply our ideas couldn't so that we know less action not just to show discontent or despair as our political opponents would have it pretty it's pretty going to run for president in the next election. it will. yes well i mean if
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the board if first of all if the national front party members trust me enough to invest in me as a presidential candidate. that i want to know for sure. and i think that we're going to take our i think we'll make it in the next ten years which means that might be in two thousand and seventeen or it might be the next time. the system thought up by the union for a popular movement and the socialist party the established system is clearly collapsing and i spent my whole life working on what have been the next picture by which i mean on rebuilding a system that is respectful of democracy respectful of justice. all of this offering to the most which all means the freedom of the people. on the envelope and likes to say that things are go and get rich better than under
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sarkozy because things back then were so bad that he can only make. bit of a progress. no the reality is that things are getting worse and worse and these two movements managed to turn one of the world's richest countries to two friends into a bankrupt country with a rocketing unemployment rate with poverty that continues to rise and a real feeling of despair but with a culture that is collapsing it's important to talk about this in life it's not just the material aspect there's also a feeling of belonging to a people a desire to defend one's culture and identity and identity that is so respected across the world everywhere except by the french elite. says so. so you say friends would be much better off without the european union i said later survey and it's true that sixty percent of french people think that e.u. is heading in the wrong direction but only thirty four will vote for france's exit
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from the e.u. what do you read in the speakers who listen to them. well first you need to understand that there is no debate in france defending the european union and the euro the single currency that was imposed on us almost feels like the bending of religion it means there is no this change of arguments and to be against the euro is a sort of blasphemy i'm asking for a referendum because surveys are great but i remember when we were out on the european constitution and the surveys the vast majority of the french people were for this constitution actually thirty five percent voted against it so we need to organize the debate we need a referendum and to ask the french what they think about throwing open the borders with shotguns about this currency that destroyed our economy about european directives taken presidents over our own constitution which is a manifestation of the sovereign people these are real questions that have not yet
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been asking friends and i'm convinced that if they have been asked. the french would make the decision to take back their freedom. it seems a ploy imagine you're the president if you have the referendum and it turns out that most french people want to stay in the european union would you change your policy an exit interview with the union would. you know. in those conditions i would try to negotiate you know i am infinitely respectful of the desires of the people i think the only solid ground here is the people consequently if i hold a referendum of the people don't follow me then of course i'll submit to the people's decision but i would try to defend france's interests within the e.u. because today france interests are not being looked after we submit to the demands of germany a country that defends its own interests we can't begrudge them but our interests and there is are contradictory. to what is still like french to leave shank and close to change and. yes of course of course i think the number one right for
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a country is the right to decide who can enter i remain on your territory and yet today we have no borders where subject absolutely massive levels of immigration this which is utterly destructive including the national cohesion and our ability to live side by side. the immigration that comes from africa from north africa it's been going on for quite a long time but now it's how can i put it accompanied by a new type of mass immigration which is immigration by the roma coming from eastern europe we now need to be reasonable and get our borders back to sea means police borders and check points like before will come of all we would like before yes yes i think freedom for people comes from control over its borders not just in terms of human traffic by the way but also in terms of capital flow and also products were at a hotel full of open doors where everybody can come in and do whatever he likes sell
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whatever he likes there you go i think preserving and protecting france is in. this begins with control but that doesn't mean we close the borders it means we control the borders we open them if we want to open them and we close them if we want to close them and in that way we can protect the economy and the well being of our country beyond the. so i was thinking even of the european community or the e.u. cease to exist globalization is something much bigger and deeper and wider than us it's an irreversible person so it isn't like they go into games to flow things with this whole borders thing and then it completely cools no no i don't agree that go globalization is a backward step but nobody ever said it was something we couldn't monitor all the countries in the world apart from the e.u. defend themselves against globalization saw they try to keep it in check they control it they put voters on imports they put customs duties on things to defend their products and the economic factors that are essential to their independence were the only ones who don't do it and so consequently it's not about denying that
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globalization is happening it's about getting france into a position where it can defend itself against globalization and to set some playing rules there's not a single game in the world that doesn't have rules and today globalization in the e.u. is completely deregulated and i mean that we see the consequences are a catastrophic. sequence because the school. that was not in a pen still either hold this one as soon as this third largest party in france we're going to take a short break now but coming up next deserving to the french and the remedy that kills the patient stay tuned to.
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welcome back to sophie and call we're talking to maggie and of ben france's top woman in politics immigration both legal and illegal stares a lot of debate and zero as multicultural approach is failing that in the ben has her own vision of how to make things better. well this is my principle i want to radically change the immigration policy in france you could mean i want to suppress the jew so he's i believe that nationality should be inherited or deserved so we don't automatically become french just like that first that comes first second i would implement a small immigration deterrent because france grants a series of social aids that are detrimental to its own citizens it means that today if there are even illegal immigrants who benefit from larger social aid that some french citizens can't obtain if all of this draws people in so if we get rid
2:45 pm
of what i call the immigration magnets and then in a logical and humane way tell people you're here legally there's no problem you belong here and friends on the contrary if you've been unemployed for six months it's because there's no work for you and therefore we're forced to ask you to return to your own country so honestly that's on the whole of you will a sensible reasonable plan that is already used in several countries around the world except here in friends where for ideological reasons if you will we are subjected ourselves to massive immigration for over thirty years of course you know the consequences of that. i understand that you would not let more rain what would you do with a migrant that are already in france put them on a plane school. this is simple so if they're here legally and they have a child then there's no problem. well there's no issue in particular. however if
2:46 pm
they're unemployed we'll just tell them look here we can no longer meet your needs there are no job prospects here for you and we have implemented the national priority policy of the national priority policy is meant to give priority to french nationals of the same skill to tax us positions obtain housing in france and this is what i call a small deterrent says because of pain from the moment immigrants have no further interest in coming to france then they'll stop coming if they. see me gratian is also a huge issue in russia we talk about all the time when we say we have to have more restrictions they can here's a question who would work in places at very low salaries that russians would never want to work at same thing in france no less. yes i understand perfectly because it's a measure that we've been using since the one nine hundred seventy s. but that was imposed by big companies and keep the real question is why is there no
2:47 pm
one willing to work in these places is it because they're underpaid and given the difficulty of these jobs their salary should be higher than those that are given today kids mostly due to the decline of the west where intellectuals have been encouraged more than laborers and working with your hands is seen is something that's degraded menus i don't believe that i think that manual labor should be valued once again because we need a balance between manual and intellectual work and i'm convinced that if we hadn't given in to the demands of these large companies which always seek to keep lowering salaries then there would have been russians in russia and french people in france willing to accept jobs known to be harder but which this is. ellery is more than enough to compensate. isn't a question for huge more of a cultural or economic issue they do both do both because the both the
2:48 pm
importance of immigration its brutal paula to do this all to core of the history of immigration that it's brought to france ten million immigrants in thirty years is now remember we have a population of sixty five million which is considerable however we have no jobs for them so these people that arrive can't work since there isn't and this happens because their people are not products so they come with their culture their religion their traditions and customs and set of telling them when in rome do as the romans do meaning when in france like the french our government one after another has told them stay just as you are it's your right it's your human right instead of imposing our culture on to them so there is a shock for the force and at some point a conflict because the french want to preserve their way of life if they want to
2:49 pm
and don't want to adopt the cultures traditions and customs of these foreigners. and then there's a serious economic crisis in france at the moment you've often said to just heritage measures that the only worsens things but wasn't france's economy drowning even before this measures were put into place and doesn't france have one hundred percent of french to pay any way you can if you. know me. know what i'm saying is that it would be austerity measures are a remedy that actually kills the patient since he said without the approval of the developed. only don't there you go it's like that the patient is sick and we're about to give him a fatal remedy or in a way. but it's a major error because all the measures we take now are meant to raise
2:50 pm
taxes and lower earnings to clean. all of this slows down the economy more taxes constrict the economy and so there is less development less public revenue for the state higher deficits and higher debt this is actually good to me don't come when called and so we come full circle with more taxes don't produce is a vicious cycle that will end by actively ruining the french economy. if you two more poor. ministers is there any measure is just not the only thing annoying to french hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against a low pass by the parliament allowing same sex marriages and the adoption of children by homosexuals couples from below is now passed it has come into force in the protests are over is that it. can this. will know it hasn't
2:51 pm
completely calm down now the french nation must vote better people into office people who have taken a vow to review that law and gay marriage and adoption or in the case of the us. we can see all the cynicism of the french right dave protests and made big speeches. when the law was voted on they didn't do much to change it i think that if it's the law of the people who don't they do but then we should go back over that law and that's something that i have promised to do so if your eleven is pressed and you would change that of course i would go back on that authorization sample it seems also to be the trend here in russia the russian parliament is passing a law not only forbidding gay couples from adopting children but also a law against. whatever that means because i'm not sure how are you going to defend both the traditional values and the rights of the gay people but we do listen also
2:52 pm
we're going in the right direction this means that intimacy should remain intimate person sexual life and choice belong in this era of intimacy. however the fact that they should be the subject of a propaganda campaign makes no sense i mean pertains to intimacy individuals and what happens in their homes people are free to do what they want morally as long as it doesn't contradict the law but to publicize it in schools as is the case in france to go gender their income straight from the united states as many questionable things do in any case that today the main teacher syndicate is insists that we teach children of six a book called dad was addressed but honestly we can see parents asking themselves why does this absurdity we're so let's review everything that pertains to the
2:53 pm
freedom of morals sexuality and therefore in private life you think it's none of the public's concern less seem like that it's simple right and in this way everybody can live happily. go to i put who is evil who is can no good a gay man who is discreet about his sexuality be part of your cabinet to deal with what can be measured go to told that is the case i have homosexuals all around me and it poses no problem for me but they don't make a show of their sexuality or any propaganda and they don't try to convince anyone because they're aware and legitimately so that all this pertains to a person's private and intimate life and not to political life do the visit seem it but if you critique to. there's a lot of discussion about international intervention into local conflicts expressed support for mali interventional saying that libya has been a catastrophe and now we may be looking in some sort of intervention in syria how
2:54 pm
do you judge which intervention in which country is justified or not. but it's still the situation is very straightforward in mali first of all there's been cooperation between france and mali for many years now and it's the legitimate government in mali that asked us to intervene since faced with the rise and power of this longest terrorist groups that were aggressive and even assassinating people there will consequently in those conditions we find ourselves in a situation that we know from before where a friendly country to come and help because it's the subject of aggression right so we went to help. what is incoherent in the behavior of french leaders is that they fight the islamicist in mali but support them in libya and in syria and that's what's completely incoherent and i'm completely co hair i consider the danger of
2:55 pm
islamic fundamentalists absolutely terrifying and i think that yet again we have to tell a terrorism in the twenty first century there was communism and naziism in the twentieth century and now there is islamism and globalism that's the to tell a terrible muslim of religion on one hand and of trade on the other and so i buy it but i find it everywhere in mali in libya in syria and i know you don't and now landed cameron are presenting a united front against a used to stop arms getting to the rebels in syria is that a step towards intervention and what would the consequences be for france. no i don't think it's a step towards intervention for a simple reason actually. did such a bad job. that i don't even think the french army has the capacity to intervene alone particularly in libya. especially since they've just intervened alone in mali
2:56 pm
in conditions that were already technically difficult to get and france only intervened in libya because the u.s. state support in the form of infrastructure. which is a shame by the way and we need to change that and so i don't think that there will be an intervention but i still think that bunch of leaders are under the influence of qatar and saudi arabia who are pulling the strings far behind the scenes and who are providing weapons and assisting islamic fundamentalists across the world. and we must announce that which is what i'm trying to do in my own country you say defend the. right so that was not in a band way to her vision of france this is saying to you for being with us and i will see you next time.
2:57 pm
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stay here things want to know if he has to store his work that is undermining our american colleagues. president bush who says fugitive whistleblower edward snowden can stay in the russia amid speculation that he has asked moscow for asylum. meanwhile e.u. leaders demanded an explanation from their american ally on the latest revelations by snowden and the u.s. remains tight lipped on the issue. live pictures you're seeing right there out of egypt the army there says that it will take matters into its own hands that the government fails to address the people's demands within forty eight hours now the country has been roiled by massive demonstrations calling for president mohamed morsi to step down.


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